My BFF is Not For Sale. PS. I’m Going to be a Travel Writer.

It is no surprise that studies find that people with close personal friendships live longer than those that prefer to be more isolated. Friends (good ones, at least) make us laugh, support us in good times in bad, and are essentially the rest of the best parts of marriage- sans the rings and shared bank accounts.

If you are lucky enough to have a friend like mine, she will even go as far as making you your very own reversible Chloe/June magnet, to display which Apt. 23 character your Gemini self is portraying that day. (Apt. 23 was renewed for a 2nd season… meaning this magnet will hopefully allow said bestie to escape the Thursday morning, “Am I more June or Chloe?” debate. Well played bestie, well played).

In addition to making me presents, bringing me food and bottles of wine, and listening to me drone on about whatever it is I am droning on about, my companion has encouraged me relentlessly to pursue my dreams of writing. Frankly, she has almost been as persistent in having me apply to be a travel writer as I have been at trying to get her to go to the gym. I owe said friend a huge thanks, because not only did I apply, but my application was accepted and I will be travel writing for I See Kissimmee for one week in February 2013! Travel writing has been a dream of mine, and is on my bucket list. It may seem like a small gesture, but this opportunity has provided me with the motivation and courage needed to make some life changes (more on “changes” coming soon).

Sometimes it is just a simple act of kindness that makes a difference for another person. For me, that kindness came in a form of motivation I was lacking. I’ve always believed that if we were nicer to one another, the world would be a happier place. Or perhaps that’s just my June talking. Chloe or June, I’m lucky to have a great pal. Now on to trying to figure out how to get her to go to that gym…

Attempting to pay if forward,


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13 thoughts on “My BFF is Not For Sale. PS. I’m Going to be a Travel Writer.

  1. Aww, that is very sweet. You are right, sometimes BFFs give you that little kick up the butt to help you out of your comfort zone and into adventure. Well done on getting the gig travel writing, you’ll be fantastic!

  2. I would certainly hope that I’m not for sale, but if I ever am…I want half! By the way, I’ll get you a ring if you want to share your bank account…Mwahahaha! LOL…I guess today was a present day. Yay for the travel writing gig! I told you it would happen…Congrats! Side Note: You’re totally June today! :)

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