The Time I Almost Didn’t Buy a House

For the past few years, right around this time of year, Brian & I pretend like we are moving.

We hoard boxes, tell friends we are definitely moving, look at every possible vacant dwelling we may be able to afford- and then don’t move.

There is always one reason or another, but this year we almost didn’t buy a house. I’m fairly confident it’s a blessing in disguise that feels like someone punched me in my stomach. There will be a silver lining in this.

Seeing as we are married adults now and almost thirty, we clearly need a home.

A new home.

With granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, three bedrooms plus a den/loft, comfortable two car garage, beautiful landscaping, and not a lot of grass to cut.

Preferably in a nice community. A nice gated community.

With singing birds, woodland creatures that clean my home, and neighbors that bring us apple pie when we move in.

No white picket fence is needed- I’m not that picky.

Oh- and if it could be a $400,000 home sold to us for $200,000, that would be great.

In the end, we are not buying the house. It doesn’t appear we will be moving…again. The good news is we won’t have to update our mailing address, so all those birthday cards you put in the mail will safely arrive to the correct address. No worries.

Speaking of which, someone is officially turning almost thirty. She has big plans for “Simply Stephanie.” Simply put, Stephanie won’t be so simple anymore.

Not that she ever was.

Stay tuned.

Yours truly,

The no-end-in-sight renter