Beano’s Makes It Better; Quick & Easy Meals

I am excited to share Beano’s Sauces with you today and some simple, tasty dishes that anyone can make using Beano’s sauces. I was lucky enough to try three different Beano’s sauces: Buffalo Sandwich Sauce, Original Submarine Dressing & All American Sandwich Spread.  For someone who 1) doesn’t have a lot of time to cook and 2) can’t cook if her life depended on it, these sauces were a meal miracle!

Thankfully, I enjoy simple meals. So I wasn’t looking for a fancy dinner from sauces. What I was looking for was my every day, somewhat boring meals to have more flavor added and make it a bit more enjoyable. The sauces certainly accomplished that. For the Original Submarine Sauce, we decided to make a decent size sub and toss some of the sauce on it. Although it looks like a cross between Italian dressing and pepper, the sauce is more of an oil consistency and tastes similar to what you would find in a restaurant. It is not spicy at all or even overpowering. It is just enough to add a good “sub” taste to an otherwise mundane sandwich.  Brian and I now toss it on every sandwich we make, even if it is smaller than the one we originally tested it on.

Without doubt our favorite sauce was the Buffalo Sandwich Sauce. Out of the three that we tested, this one by far had the most kick and was exactly what we expected. In fact, Brian liked it so much that when he was disappointed with a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich he got at a restaurant (due to lack of flavor), he brought the sandwich home and added this sauce to it. Mission accomplished, his sandwich was now edible.

I, on the other hand, decided to add some flavor to a meal that without it, I would not eat…salad. I despise salad. I despise eating healthy. I also despise the way I look in a bathing suit. Now that swimsuit season is here, healthy eating wins again. I decided to top my salad off with a grilled piece of chicken that had been marinated in the Buffalo Sauce for a few hours. I literally put a piece of chicken into a bag and added enough sauce to cover it and left it in the refrigerator while I was at work. When I came home, I grilled the chicken for 10 minutes, chopped it up, tossed it on top of the salad and added a bit of ranch dressing. Homemade Buffalo Chicken Ranch salad took a total of about 15 minutes total to make. It actually tasted delicious (it actually had flavor), and I ate the entire salad! Success!

The last sauce that we tested was Beano’s All American Sandwich Spread. I chose this one because it reminded me of the sauce you would find on a Big Mac at McDonald’s, and I was curious to test it on a burger made at home. After getting our Foreman grill, we cook just about everything that takes ten minutes or less, including burgers. Brian actually whipped up some mean looking burgers complete with enough jalapeños to clean out your intestines and added some Beano’s All American Sandwich Spread. The sauce was very similar to a restaurant “special sauce”  with the exception that it has a mild kick to it. You can see some peppers in it, but it is not enough to make this spicy to where anyone couldn’t enjoy it.

Overall, we were really quite pleased and impressed with how much flavor these little bottles of Beano’s contain. I would definitely add these to any backyard barbecue party right next to the ketchup and mustard as they are a nice change to the otherwise very traditional tasting foods. I certainly will be keeping a supply on hand just to enhance my quick meals that I frequently make. Now that I know Beano’s can create some pretty good sauces, I am excited to try some of their other flavors, and even see what else I can create on my own from their recipe page!

I would love to answer any questions you have, or provide suggestions based on my experience with Beano’s. I will agree, Beano’s definitely makes it better!

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