Happy Christmas, Harry!

I looked for Christmas cards this year that said, “Happy Christmas,” preferably with Harry Potter on them…I couldn’t find them.

MinnieWagonSo instead we took our first family portraits together for our Christmas cards. Naturally Minnie was the star of the show.

Sebastian Family2013 was a super exciting year for us. We got married at Disney, got married at Disney and got married at Disney. Isn’t a wedding enough for one year? I feel accomplished.

Look at me attack that cake!

Look at me attack that cake!

I’ve also done a lot of growing up this year. The old Stephanie would have a list a mile long of her 2013 accomplishments, promptly followed by 2014 resolutions (and an ulcer). Year 28 though has seem to come with a bit of wisdom. While I still have my own personal goals I am working towards, I am also taking time to stop and enjoy life. Sometimes I think we get so preoccupied with the pressure society places on us to constantly be “succeeding,” that we fail to appreciate the present moment.


And so my wish for you this holiday season is that you pause to listen to the laughter, watch the love that is visible only this time of year, stop and smell the cookies, and most importantly just sit and be thankful for all we are blessed with.

Happy Holidays & Merry New Year,