Three Kind Chocolate Cookie

While visiting family the other weekend, I was lucky enough to try a cookie made by my sister-in-law. It was so amazing, I brought the recipe home with me and made them myself. ¬†According to coworker taste testers, family members and myself, these are arguably the world’s best cookies. I welcome a challenge to them.

Three Kind Chocolate Chip Cookie

As it turns out, the recipe is courtesy of Paula Deen and can be printed directly from The Food Networks website (click here). I will note that I omitted the almond as I prefer to just have a chocolate chip cookie, and it was also amazing. My sister-in-law I believe included it, and it added a bit of crunch but did not change the taste much.

These cookies, although can be made year round, are a great treat to make for the holidays as they are a slightly different take on the traditional chocolate chip. They are fairly simple to make, the recipe yields a decent amount, and the ingredients are mostly things you would already have on hand. Plus, everyone loves chocolate (if you don’t like chocolate, I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore).

Anyone else have a great treat they make for the holidays?