A Day in Grand Cayman (and pictures)

The morning started with a short storm that cleared up and left us with a beautiful rainbow to see while we tendered to shore.

Once we reached land, our day excursion started. Spoiler alert: we all know I love animals, so it should be no surprise that when I got home and went through my pictures from Grand Cayman they were mostly of animals on the island rather than the island itself.

During our one day stop at Grand Cayman, we decided to take an excursion that allowed us to swim with dolphins and visit the Cayman Turtle Farm. Although only there for a short while, we had enough time to pet turtles, take pictures with them…and maybe try to kiss them (I tried but kept getting whacked in the face with a not happy turtle arm).

When our excursion was over, we had a few moments to look around before having to board the cruise. Not ever having seen a real coconut before, it seemed like a fun photo opportunity. The locals must have thought so too, as they got a good laugh at it.

I even took a picture with the locals.

I’m totally teasing, that’s a statue…All kidding aside, Grand Cayman was a fun little island to stop at. Not at all how I imagined it, but fun to see nevertheless. When the day was over we boarded the cruise and sailed away into the sunset…with a water spout trailing the ship. No joke…

Thankfully the good Captain of the Carnival Paradise pulled away from it and we were able to watch as it, and Grand Cayman faded into the distance. Jenn and I celebrated our day of adventure with a glass of wine on the Serenity deck of the ship and awaited our next destination. On to Mexico!!!