Dinner in Mexico; Dessert in Italy

Since I first set foot inside the Mexico Pavilion at Disney’s Epcot, I’ve wanted to dine at the restaurant San Angel Inn. As my annual pass nears its expiration date, I decided last night was as good as any to give it a try. Without reservations, we were able to land a table in less than five minutes (around 5pm on a Sunday) sitting alongside the waterway that the boat ride Gran Fiesta Tour travels along.

Obviously with it being Disney, we expected the prices to be slightly more expensive but we kept in mind that the experience and ambience was one-of-a kind, and therefore included in cost. The menu was simple but satisfying, and from what I could tell, authentic. Chips and salsa are brought to the table for all meals. For someone who does not typically enjoy spicy, I thoroughly enjoyed the salsa. It was a sweet spicy, and a welcomed twist on the typical spicy salsa experienced at mainstream restaurants. In anticipation of dessert at Italy, I chose an appetizer “Tostadas de Tinga” for my entrée. Essentially, it was similar to a “nacho bell grande” in that the food was piled atop nachos. The food, however, was delightful and an interesting blend of different flavors from chicken, tomatoes, chipotle, beans, cheese, onions, etc. Brian selected a dinner entrée called “Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña.” There was a lot going on with the plate, but I can attest that from what I tasted of it, it too was delicious.

As I mentioned before, the atmosphere is incredibly charming and that includes the staff as well. As the employees in the pavilions at Epcot are all from the respective country that they work in, Spanish is spoken fluently at San Angel Inn (and then kindly translated into English). Should you happen to respond in German accidentally to your Spanish-speaking server, she will kindly smile at you and still take every picture you ask her to. To that lovely server who remained patient with my German faux pas, I offer a most genuine, “gracias!”

After dinner, we headed over to the Italy Pavilion to check out their new Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar for drinks and dessert. Although the drinks and cheese platter we ordered were phenomenal, and the Italian staff interestingly entertaining, the entire visit can be summed up in one beautiful word, “tiramisu…” The positive that I can take from my annual pass expiring is that it saves me from this new-found delightful addiction. I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy, but tiramisu may have made Italy my next vacation. Between the wine, cheese, pizza, pasta and desserts…I may actually think I have found my heaven on Earth (or next place to live).

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. Until next time…