Stephanie Writes Her First Children’s Book!

Sloggers- I know what you are thinking, “Stephanie got married, fell off the blogosphere and now is writing children’s books…she’s totally pregnant!”

Let me be the first to happily inform you…YOU ARE WRONG! (Although I would love a few more puppies).


It is with honor and great joy that I share with you my exciting news about writing my very first children’s book, Henry Saves The Day! (click on link to read).

It is hard for me to decide which I like better- the story, or the story behind how the story came to be. You can read each and be the judge.

photo-2For Christmas, a very special little boy named Henry asked his aunt for puppets or a book. Specifically, Henry liked the King, Pirate and Princess puppets. Being the incredibly creative mind that she is, his Aunt thought, “How neat would it be if the book was the story of his puppets…but Henry was part of it?” A quick Google search later, and Henry Saves The Day! was in the works.

So far it’s received rave reviews:

“Henry Saves The Day! is arguably the most inspiring children’s book of all time. The writing is witty, the illustrations are cutting edge, and the story itself is one that every generation should read until the end of time. We may never again see such an incredible children’s book written in our lifetime.” – Author
“When I first read Henry Saves The Day!, my immediate reaction was four words- ‘New York Times Best Seller.'” – Author’s Husband
“Book. (kissing sounds).” – Henry 

While I always dreamed of writing a children’s book, I never envisioned that dream coming to fruition as an Aunt writing it for her nephew. Now that it’s happened though, I can’t imagine it any other way! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.