The Married Millennials

UsBrian and I are almost-thirty-somethings, we both work full-time but don’t own a home, we have a special-needs beagle instead of children, and constantly struggle between societal expectations for us at our age- and what the reality of our generation is. We are the new “Married Millennials.”

I, Stephanie, am a diagnosed OCD, sports & video game detesting, free-spirited soul. I enjoy not making commitments, constantly planning my future entrepreneurial adventures (hellooo goat farm!), and being a full-time working housewife that never sits down. When I am not trying the latest fitness craze or volunteering at a nonprofit, I like to spend my time catching up with family.

MarriedBrian, my husband, enjoys a good meal, cheering for his favorite sports teams, and not having to run through the gauntlet of plans that his wife makes for them. He is completely content with his career in the video game industry and really wishes his wife would figure out if she wants to be a pet sitter or the President. Brian is my soul’s counterpart- the content part…

Our lives are chaotic and things are not always easy, but we love making it work and trying to figure out the new “normal” for our generation. We hope to share our story and experiences with everyone and entertain them while they are along for the ride. There is never a dull moment with the new married millennials!

One thought on “The Married Millennials

  1. samideniz says:

    In an attempt to find out more about the Lakeridge Winery in Central Florida, I stumbled upon your blog in a Google search. I am really glad I did because recently I started a bucketlist blog website and have been very enthusiastic in achieving my dreams. My husband and I sound exactly like the way you’ve described you and yours. I have awful OCD and anxiety so I write because not only do I love it but I also feel at ease in having a hundred lists and making sure everything is planned to the T — whereas my husband just sits back and lets me do my thing but he’d be just as happy just hanging out playing video games, haha. I look forward to reading more about your life and adventures!

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