The Bucket List

An ongoing work in progress…if there is a link, there is a story. 

110 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I grew my hair out for the last 3 years and decided recently to cut it and donate it to Locks of Love. It wasn’t the plan as I was growing it out, truth is, I loved it long but it got heavy and became a pain every morning to style. I also kept seeing a lot of celebrities with these beautiful short hair styles and thought maybe it’s time for a change. So I did it… I cut it all the way off, it’s very short now and I sent my hair off to Locks of Love. So happy I did it!!!

  2. Time To Refresh says:

    Okay so at the risk of embarrassing myself, I must say I have NEVER made a Bucket List! But after perusing your’s, I believe I shall! Love your list! I also love that you’ve actually accomplished some of those things! It proves you aren’t someone that just wishes and dreams but puts feet to those dreams. Best wishes in completion of your list!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      There is nothing wrong with not making one at all! But if you do make one, I would LOVE to read about it! Please do let me know. I think it is fun sharing in each other’s life wishes. And yes, you have to try to accomplish them otherwise you are absolutely right- you’re just dreaming. Great point, and thank you for such a kind comment to keep me motivated! Best wishes. 🙂

  3. nikilee30 says:

    I started a book club – sadly it only lasted 6 months and 6 books, but it was the greatest accomplishment! I loved every minute of it! I wish you all the luck in the world with it!

  4. nic98omo says:

    Stephanie, thanks for stopping by my blog, Our LIttle Family Adventure, earlier. It’s great to see another adventurer who enjoys going to disney. I love this bucket list idea. I may have to borrow the idea from.

  5. leamuse says:

    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I am glad you enjoyed today’s post. No doubt your “Bucket List” will grow quickly as you begin to explore. Bon courage et bon chance!

  6. The DANO says:

    I like the idea of having a bucket list on a blog. Keeps you motivated and shares your “adventure idea” with the world! No matter how big… or small they are!… Hope you can do all 🙂

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Oooo, if you do it please send me the link to the page! I would love to see it! Bucket lists are great, and anytime you write anything, the chances of you doing it greatly increase because you see it and it reminds you. Go for it!

  7. natymarie says:

    Hello Stephanie,

    I love this idea. I am starting my blog and needed some inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I’ve also taken four years of German. I’ve taken two years of Italian and I am fluent in Spanish. Italian is beautiful, i love eating in Mexico (Epcot), & I love the idea of travel writing. i would love have a travel blogging job! That is my dream job! i wish you the best!

      • natymarie says:

        I know I would love to do it! Some careers do let you travel a lot and if you are in school you can get scholarships. All depends what you choose 🙂 I’m going to try out extreme couponing tactics to save some money in order to travel. So far this year I have been able to travel to Chicago, Puerto Rico, California, Croatia & Bosnia. I go to UCF & live 45 min away. Not too far 🙂

        • Simply Stephanie says:

          That is awesome, what are you going to UCF? BTW- howdy neighbor! I’m down in Kissimmee. I did the couponing for a while, but the shows have kind of killed the “extreme” version. I usually now watch for the weekly coupons and print them off websites and can save between $10-$20 on food a week. BTW- I am a follower of your blog as of last night! KIT- Stephanie

        • natymarie says:

          Hello neighbor! I’m majoring in Spanish & very involved on campus. Will be graduating in May & hoping to go to grad school & become a Spanish Literature professor. Yeah I know the show is extreme & most of the people that do it, do it as a job. Unfortunately, I cannot due to school & work, but I’m going to give it a try to be able to save some money. Thanks for following me 🙂 what do you do in Orlando?

        • Simply Stephanie says:

          How exciting! You can still save a decent amount with just regular old coupon clipping and sale watching, good luck to you! I work at a college in Orlando, not UCF though. 🙂 I volunteer in my free time at Give Kids the World and love it!

        • natymarie says:

          Thanks! That’s great. I love the college environment. I’ve volunteered there, on Thursdays. I enjoy celebrating Christmas with the kids and their families. I’ve usually done the Christmas Parade & dress up. It’s great meeting you in the WordPress world. Best wishes on your bucket list adventures. Will be following you & supporting you. 🙂

  8. Corinne Shields says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Thanks for visiting and liking soulsnet, because now I have found your lovely blog! They didn’t have bucket lists in my day, my day? sorry today is my day!! but what a great idea. It sort of keeps you focused as to what you consider to be important in your life instead of drifting through it. It’s a beautiful day here in Wales, UK, and I am going to make the most of it. One of the great things about blogging is how it brings you into contact with all sorts of people of all ages from all over the world. I feel it in my water that you are going to have a wonderful day, today, Stephanie, because you look the sort of girl who makes every day a wonderful day.

    Have fun
    Corinne at soulsnet

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Hi Corinne! Wales, eh? Ok, now I am jealous! I’ve always wanted to visit (I should add this to the bucket list, lol), but have not made it yet. I’m so glad you enjoyed SSBlog. I was happy to come across Soulsnet. I adore anything inspirational, motivational, etc. and it spoke to me. Can’t wait to read more in the future! Cheers!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      So funny that you mention that, as I have an ongoing joke with a coworker that I’m moving there every day. I actually fully plan on going, but considered it such a “given” that I didn’t even add it to the bucket list because it’s not an option, it’s a must! 🙂 I love the water, warmth and palm trees of Florida so think I will love Hawaii!

  9. David Stewart says:

    I haven’t really made a bucket list, but I’m trying to read somebody’s idea of the top 100 novels and visit all the national parks in Korea. I’ve only done three of the ones on your list (bought an island, became a princess, got a controlling share of Disney, if you’re wondering 😉

  10. says:

    Good list. Archery is fun, piano is too. Cali and the grand Canyon must, must be done on a road trip, it’s the only way.. Road trip veteran.. Islands are expensive but in washington I had a half ache on Anderson Island which was pretty cheap… Go for it. Mine was to swim in every sea and Ocean that borders Australia. I was there but failed. I want to learn how to surf as well.

  11. saintjohnmasterscrossfit says:

    Thanks for liking my post “Dragon Boats..” I only had time to read the bucket list as I find that when one looks at a busket list – you get to see the “soul” of the person. Yours is very giving with a few personal wishes.

  12. Sandy Allen says:

    Yes! Eat at Mexico Pavilion! Mexico is my favorite but I have yet to actually eat there. I always envision myself sitting at a table as I float by with the Three Cabelleros. I will click the link and find out the story.

    Thanks for the “like” on my post “Far-Out and Fab on Florida’s Gulf Coast” at Somewhere in the Sand. It’s always fun to discover new blogs.

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Hi Sarah! Nice to “blog” meet you. I enjoyed your writings (just left you a little memo on yours explaining more) and thought it was funny you mentioned we had similar bucket lists! I would love to hear some of yours (Or read them if you have a link). Cheers!

      • Sarah Stackhouse says:

        Thanks Stephanie! My “life” bucket list continues to take on multiple forms and is logged in about 4 different places, so condensing is a goal right now haha. But my “bucket list” for all the things I wanted to accomplish are under the “Classic Summer” tab. Enjoy! Looking forward to reading more!

        • Simply Stephanie says:

          Oh I am super psyched to see it! 🙂 I saw your summer list and laughed as you and I are definitely “type A” overachievers. It’s a super long list, but everything is awesome and I don’t doubt for a second you can’t do it. I am now following and look forward to reading your journey as well!

  13. snash311 says:

    I started a book club 2 years ago…it was really simple! I just emailed a bunch of friends and said, “Hey, want to form a book club with me?” There are 9 of us going strong still! Turns out, they all wanted to be in a book club, too, but never got around to starting one. Go for it!

  14. Untitled Adventure says:

    Love your list! So much great stuff. I always wanted to swim with dolphins, too, but then I saw this heart-breaking documentary called The Cove and I will never ever give any money to any organization that keeps dolphins in captivity. I know … DOWNER ALERT … I’m sorry, but the film really made a huge impression on me and I wanted to share it. Here’s an idea: Swim with wild dolphins! That would be so much cooler anyway. I think I’ll put that on MY bucket list. =)

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Although I haven’t watched the movie, I understand where you are coming from. Swimming with wild dolphins is slightly concerning for me- but I guess we will see. No plans anytime soon. Thanks for the visit and comment!

  15. crookedpinkycomics says:

    Nice list, I wrote my bucket list on a great little website called I have nothing to do with the site, just really enjoy it and find it motivating………….although, I get the sense that you already have plenty of motivation.

    – emanuel pavao

  16. dlsg2011 says:

    Hi Stephanie. Thanks for visiting my son’s blog. Your blog gave me an idea. I will request him to start writing his bucket list. That way I may get to know what he has in mind and get some idea on where we will go next.

    Good luck with completing all in your bucket list. 🙂 Do tell how it goes with Prince Harry. I love fairy tales. 🙂

  17. manconline says:

    Hi, Stephanie.

    This is a good list you have here. I hope you can fulfill them sooner, as chances are the list will grow as you experience more of life.

    I like how you want to volunteer and give back, and that you seem to really care about animals (I bet Moo had a hand – err, paw – in that). Note that you can cross out a few of the items here if you get to marry Prince Harry – travel places with him when he does his princely duties, write all about it on a blog and perhaps a book (it took me 5 full minutes before giving up on suggesting a title), and maybe even get that remaining 2% Disney stock to reach your target (then you can be an actual Disney princess, being a majority owner and the girl of a real prince)!

    Keep it up and good luck! 🙂

  18. paulaacton says:

    I really would love to do a bucket list but i would spend half my life writing it rather than doing it lol there are so many places I want to see and things i want to do so maybe a mini bucket list of ten per decade that i might achieve hmmm

  19. skischulze says:

    You should now make a list of things you’ve done that have made your life better or someone else’s. I bet you can cross off volunteer, give to others if you really examine your life. If you want to do more, there’s always room for volunteers.

  20. marj says:

    why not Antarctica? I heard it’s a magnificent place to visit. very costly though.
    Such a cool place. I meant that figuratively. 🙂

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