Life and Meeting David Bromstad

After my last post in which I admitted SSBlog may have reached quittin’ time, I received a myriad of emails encouraging me to stay, thanking me for the posts I have contributed and in general just providing a lot of support. I cannot thank the Sloggers out there enough for your kind words, it made me smile and feel like I have brought a touch of happiness in some form to some of you- which has made it entirely worth it.

To answer A LOT of your questions about what life is like after pulling the FaceBook plug, I must admit it is truly wonderful and I am so thankful every day that I broke that habit (addiction). To be honest, I did reactivate it after several day as there were some people who I can only contact with through FaceBook. However, I deleted over 100 “friends” when I reactivated and have only been on for about 5 minutes in over a week now. Simply put, I don’t go on unless I get a message and have asked all friends and family to contact me via email or phone instead of FB if they have that contact info. It has been incredibly freeing. There are no more drama posts to try to filter through, sales gimmicks to try to avoid, political rants to try to ignore, passive aggressive comments directed at me (but pretending like they are not directed at me- yes I saw them miscellaneous family member who I will not name here), etc. I talk to who I need to talk to when I need to talk to them and get the information that is truly important sans the extra baggage. If you’re considering pulling the FB plug, I say JUST DO IT!

photo 1To answer your other questions- life going back to school has been quite an adjustment to say the least. While I LOVE classes and learning, it has been difficult sitting next to people much younger than me (who think I’m their age) and fitting school work back into my free time. I’m blessed to have a strong support system around me of people who keep me strong (and shower me with surprises like flowers and ice cream… love my fiancé)!

Despite my new extracurricular activities, I still am finding time to do some things I enjoy, like see David Bromstad speak at Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival! For those HGTV fans out there, you know the Bromanator from his hit show Color Splash (which is returning to TV late summer/early fall). photo 3Like a good, non-frightening fan, I planned my visit months ago, got to the show an hour early to get a seat, and then totally failed to get into line fast enough to meet him. True story. He was a total sweetheart though, noticing me stalking him from behind the rope and posing for a picture for me anyways. Although we didn’t get to meet, I’m convinced that should we have it would have gone something like this:

David: Hi! Thank you so much for coming today to support me!

Me: I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

David: So you’re a big fan?

Me: Yes! I love Color Splash, HGTV, Florida, Disney, and dogs, just like you!

David: Really? Do you want to be my PA, in a totally professional, non-creepy fan way?

Me: Would looooove to! I’ll move to Miami and even take care of Lady Godiva Bon-Bon and Dozer on the side. They would love my Moo!

David: Perfect! See you tomorrow at 8am then?

Me: Fabulous! (Hug, take picture, part ways until tomorrow at 8am).

Ok, so perhaps none of that happened but it could have, had we met. The Universe apparently didn’t feel like we were ready for each other yet, so I moved along to what was intended for me in my future…

photo 4

If you haven’t discovered France’s new quick-service restaurant, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, you are missing out! Talk about heaven in the form of sugary treats! This was a coffee/chocolate flavored concoction that left me pondering if licking the inside of the cup would be worth the social embarrassment risk. (It was…)

And now it’s back to reality, aka studying for tests at the moment!



8 thoughts on “Life and Meeting David Bromstad

  1. gotmeghan says:

    I’ve tried to delete my Facebook before. My original account I had for about two to three years. I had over 800+ “friends” and I mostly used it to keep up with family I never see and it became the way for my nana to read my blog posts. After I deleted my first, I stayed off for a week before I made a completely different one. I only have a 145 friends and it’s not hectic like it used to be. I still have drama on there but it usually has nothing to do with me so I ignore it. I got another one mainly because my family practically freaked out and thought it was their fault. I had like 3 family members feeling like that, so I caved. Lol I don’t regret making a new one though. 🙂

  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog as it was one that WordPress had recommended. You have a nice site and it is clean and professional which is a good thing.

    I read about you pulling Facebook and though I have not done this action, I can totally see where you are coming from. Facebook used to be fun and it was cool to see how people you know were getting along. I don’t know how or when this happened but a small population of my “friends” turned into angry, ranting political experts and have hijacked my world of family pictures and updates into angry rants about their views and why everyone else is wrong. I find it amazing that these types have not been yet been asked to leave their sales jobs and become an adviser to the President.

    I also enjoyed seeing your pictures of everything Disney related. It is cool to see a world that is so close to mine yet 100% different. That is because I work right on the other side of the fence of Animal Kingdom by the composting area where they turn the animal waste into fertilizer. You can lose a bit of the “Disney Magic” when you leave the office and the smell hits you.

    Keep up the writing!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Back up the soul train- WordPress recommended my blog!? Shut the front door. That’s awesome. Thank you for your blog kudos, I appreciate it!

      Amen on the FB rant. I agree 100%! The more I looked, the more cons than pros there were. You’re right too- it wasn’t always like that but it’s become an outlet for people to cry and complain behind a screen b/c they wouldn’t do the same thing to your face. Life on the other side is wonderful, if you ever want to join us! Lol!

      LOL, I guess I could see how that may take away from the magic. I’m totally envious though that you work for the mouse! My favorite part about AK is the goats! LOVE them! I could sit with them all day long every day and be in heaven, even if I did end up smelling like them. 🙂

      Thanks for leaving a note!

      • 1stpeaksteve says:

        Sadly, I am not employed by the mouse. I am at the quasi-famous Orange Lake and my office door is separated by a demilitarized zone (almost like North Korea); where I can smell the animals but not see them. I did however work for another park with large fish and mammals and it was not uncommon to find a anteater in my office or to pet a Walrus. Now I am in the normal world and I only interact with raccoons and mammals such as sunburnt tourists from Ottawa.

        Oh cruel fate!!

  3. Jayne says:

    Simply….I love your blogs and hope you never, ever stop writing. You have a true gift, which should be shared and enjoyed.

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