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229 thoughts on “The Disclaimer

  1. 24497 says:

    It feels like I’ve visited this blog before on but immediately after browsing at some of the material I realized it’s new for me.
    Still, I’m gonna bookmark this blog and begin coming here regularly.

  2. Christine says:

    I loved the way you described yourself in the 3rd person & the disclaimer. Both made me smile!
    Thanks for checking out & liking it’s all still pretty new to me so it’s nice to know I’m not just writing for myself 🙂

  3. photographymemoirs says:

    Greetings Stephanie
    Greetings from far away Australia. Hope this year brings you much joy and peace. You seem to be a very adventurous person. I love being active; exploring new places particularly nature and photography. However I’ve always believed the true test of serenity is when we can be comfortable alone in silence with just our thoughts as companions. All the best and have a blessed new year

  4. fearkillsfacts says:

    Hello Stephanie, thanks for you letting me know that you enjoyed my “Australia” post; hopefully you will more of interest as I add to my blog. Regards, Evan.

  5. voyager09 says:

    Hi Stephanie, Thanks for liking my blog. Just started it a day ago and it really encourages me to get a like from you. Thanks again! And anyway you look really beautiful! Keep Enjoying! 🙂

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      I love finding fresh new bloggers with amazing positive outlooks, so I was happy to come across your post. I’m looking to venture into my own business that follows my heart in early 2013, and when you wrote, “As you start following your instincts and your inner bliss, and start following your goal, you will feel a new wave of energy coming to you and you start to enjoy what you do,” it made me feel like what I am working towards is the right choice! Keep up the great posts. And thank you for the extra push I needed. 🙂

  6. Phd But ADHD says:

    Fun, fun loving, yes you present with that spirit of uplifting and encouragement…that works for me. I like this! Maybe it’s got some thing to do with being in Chicago until tomorrow and then on to Arizona 😉

  7. rabiro says:

    Hello Stephanie, your photos, or do they call them gravatars, easily depict the free spirit that you are! I have not very much in reading your blogs, but hey, what easy and inspirational reading they are! They leave one glowing inside. Thank you for liking one of my blogs, now I guess my task is to turn you into a Follower. I am still building up my blog, and obviously stilln learning a lot of things, but I hope it will still be something worth visiting as more posts starting coming in

  8. rabiro says:

    Hello Stephanie! Even before I had read this post, I knew Stephanie was a great free spirit. Your photos, or do they call them gravatars, easily sell you out. Great blog In must say, and a very inspiring one. You are a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you for liking my blog, I hope you will soon be a “Follower” as you get to appreciate what I blog about.

  9. gmuniverse says:

    Stephanie –

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, “Catalyst Quotes” and taking a look at it. I hope that that some of the quotes or stories will inspire you in some way and help you reflect on Life. You have a wonderful site and I have enjoyed taking a look at it. Have a glorious day!
    ~ GMUniverse

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Actually your “If You Can Dream It…” quote caught my eye as I thought it was Walt Disney’s famous quote. It was fun to see how many different versions there are for the same thought! Love it. Thanks for the swing back to check out SSBlog. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks and have a lovely weekend yourself.

  10. kazzabee87 says:

    Sup Stephanie, thought i’d check out your space on the net! Love the style of you blog, so clean so…. simple! (See what I did there :P) I’m so jealous that you have been learning to speak another language for four years and are keen for even more. Speak another language is on my Carpe Diem list but I must admit it’s one of the ones that I find hardest to motivate myself towards… purely because as important as I think it is it seems so daunting. How did you motivate yourself to plunge right in and to stick with it?
    Stay safe dear Stephanie,
    PS: Quick Ego boost – You are stunning, great pics!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Hi Kazza! Thanks for the multiple kudos. You are quickly making your way to my #1 favorite reader. 🙂 Honestly, I either just want to do something or I don’t. If I want to do it (like learn a language), then it’s easy just to do it. If I don’t want to do it though…that’s a different story. I typically end up not doing it, lol! Working out is kind of like that, but I just schedule it into my day like it’s an appointment so it’s not an option. Or I buy a workout package and then I have to do it so I don’t waste money. Want to learn a language and need motivation? Sign up for a class and pay in full up front. Promise you that you will go every single time! 🙂 Thanks again for the lovely compliments! It was nice to “connect” with you in the blogosphere.

  11. Gabbie Glick says:

    Hi Stephanie: Thanks for checking out Like you, I’m totally enjoying sharing my thoughts and ideas. (It must be the Chicago area roots in both of us). Keep up the good work–you enthusiasm is boundless and you and Moo are beyond terrific. Let me know if you would like a poem for him. Happy Day! Gabbie

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Oh goodness, are you a Nashvillian? I know a few people I adore in Nashville, and would certainly make the stop if so the next time I road trip it back home! Thanks for saying hi and making the connection! 😉

  12. markeabell says:

    Stephanie – I once lived in Orlando – off of Oakridge Road, in a small development called Southwood. I was a teenager then, attending Oak Ridge High School. I left when I was 18 and went into the Air Force for 8 years. Wish now that I stayed in for the 20. Oh well, such is life! Take care.

  13. markeabell says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I noticed you just started “following me” as it were on the blog. I have not been online for the past number of days due to the pain I referred to in a previous post. I will be sure, however, to get back with the program soon.

  14. markeabell says:

    You are welcome, Stephanie. I’m still getting used to using this medium, so I have not yet created much on my blogging page; but that will change in time. I suffer with a great deal of back pain due to a number of near-fatal auto accidents, which creates a problem for me with respect to the amount of time I am able to devote to the site (I typically use my Kindle Fire because it allows me to sit in an easy chair as opposed to sitting in front of my desktop). But, I am still in a learning curve with regard to the blogging. Thanks for the information about your formatting. Take care and keep reaching for those stars!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Well I give you credit for finding a way to use your time given the circumstances. Although I obviously know very little of the specifics and your history, if you are able to try a chiropractor or get acupuncture it can help back pain immensely. It completely depends on the type of injury, but just thought I would toss that out in case it could help you! Best wishes, Stephanie

      • markeabell says:

        Thanks for the advice, Stephanie, as it is well received. Believe me: I’ve seen everyone you can possibly imagine. I’ve been involved in five auto accidents, three of which sent me through the windshield. I manage, I guess; but it’s a new challenge every day. I’m sure you can appreciate that. But I love life and all that it can bring as well as all that one can experience. Best wishes to you as well!

  15. markeabell says:

    By the way, Stphanie, what formatting did you use to create your blog? I like the set up. What is of particular interest to me is how you were able to creste the collage of photos that appear on the very top of your blog page. Very interesting!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Hi Mark! I’m using the theme “Twenty Eleven.” For my header, I made a collage on a collage maker app I have, then exported that as a picture, and uploaded the picture to my header portion. Glad you enjoyed it, I just changed it and was looking for feedback!

  16. markeabell says:

    Stephanie – I thoroughly enjoyed reading about yourself, particularly in the fashion in which you chose: the third person. Jokingly, it reminds me of one of the more classic “Seinfeld” episodes when the character named “Jimmy” always referred to himself in the third person, even when he was around other people, referring to himself; but, as I mentioned, I say that only in a joking way. It is not often when one finds someone capable of expressing himself or herself in that way, as it is not always easy. I also, of course, like what you say about yourself: the content. You are apparently a life-loving person with that desire and need to explore not only yourself but the world in which you inhabit. That is an excellent character trait as well as an excellent means of thinking about yourself. Being President? Well, I am not sure that job is appealing any longer – especially considering the shambles we find in our economy! I realize you were saying that with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek; but the position, by definition alone has a lot to be desired! I am certainly looking forward to seeing and reading more of your posts and ideas. You seem to have a well-rounded life that is reflected in your experiences as well as your positive outlook on life!

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      So you graced me with a few incredibly lovely compliments in one day and have managed to put a huge smile on my face, so thank you very much. That being said, I truly appreciate the kind words about my character as I work very hard at remaining grounded while grateful and it means the world when a) my writing conveys that and b) it is recognized. I likewise am looking forward to reading more from you, as I am a new follower. Best wishes, fellow blogger! Stephanie

  17. sarah says:

    Hello Stephanie ! Thanks for liking my post and for dropping by. I love the optimism your posts convey and how you never run out of it !

    Blessings !

  18. rexpresto says:

    Hi, Stephanie. Just want to say thanks for the “ilke” of my post “Why Daddy Drinks: Reason No. 9.–Because I Made It” at I hope the blog is entertaining, and I hope to read more of your’s, too.

  19. Sandi Tuttle says:

    Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the ‘like’! I, too, was born outside Chicago – on the South Side. And long before you – there were still dinosaurs roaming the Earth back then, or so I’m told! I’ll be back to visit often!

  20. Andrew Brobyn says:

    Thanks for liking my poem on writing poetry, check out some of my older work for more inspired material.

  21. Lulu Simawati says:

    Oh, I could hide ‘neath the wings
    Of the bluebird as she sings.
    The six o’clock alarm would never ring.
    But six rings and I rise,
    Wipe the sleep out of my eyes.
    My shavin’ razor’s cold and it stings.

    Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
    Oh, what can it mean.
    To a daydream believer
    And a homecoming queen.

  22. California Kid says:

    Hi Stephanie. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and clicking on the “Like” button to my most recent post. Your blog is wonderful and I encourage you to keep up the good work you’re doing here. I hope you’ll stop by my blog again soon and let me know you visited. Cheers!

  23. K Pelgone says:

    Hey Stephanie, I stopped by to today to read your work, I couldn’t help staring at your header image of the floating lanterns. Where did you take the image because for me it is so compelling? I liked your bucket list post about the Mexican Pavilion at Epcot. I lived in Kissimmee for a few years during my childhood and I used to love going to Epcot to have dinner with my parents before watching the fireworks. Great stuff & keep up the good work!

  24. leahastore says:

    Hey Stephanie, thanks for the “like” on my last post, I hope you’ll stop by my page again sometime. It looks like you have a very nice site here–I look forward to exploring it and reading some of your posts! Take care!

  25. bouldercountryclubweddings says:

    Thanks for coming by Boulder Country Club Weddings! I definitely appreciate that. I just have to say that as I came into your “Who is Stephanie” section, I had to laugh because I used to work at Disney World and the first thing I recognized was the fountain that you are sitting in front of in that first picture!! Made me nostalgic!

  26. Cougar says:

    Thanks for liking my post on shaving Steph, haha 🙂 I saw that you’re from Chicago and that is my home away from home. Happy blogging and again, thanks for the post love!

  27. homehearthandgarden says:

    Hi Stephanie
    Thank you for visiting my blog page. I am new to the blogging world and am already loving it. I love sharing special moments with my family and hope to share lots more in the future. I loved some of your recent posts. Especially your new puppy and black eye.

  28. homehearthandgarden says:

    Hi Stephanie
    Thank you for visiting my blog page. I am new to the blogging world and enjoying it. I love sharing memories with my family and friends. I hope to be able to share lots more memories in the future and this is a sure way to be able to do just that.
    I loved some of your recent posts. I especially liked your new puppy and black eye.

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Thanks for writing a good post on Memorial Day! I appreciate that instead of the recipes or other topics that have nothing to do with the holiday! Best wishes, fellow blogger. 🙂

  29. Books & Beyond says:

    Hi Stephanie! Thanks for visiting our blog and liking our Year Four in Review post! We appreciate your readership. How did you find out about our project?

  30. cw19 says:

    Thanks for the like today – it’s tough staying updated and I’m way behind! I’ve read a few of your posts and really enjoyed the content. Keep it up and I’m sure you’ll soon be able to write about some of those things on your bucket list as you cross them off.

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      I know what you mean! I’ve started making time at night and in the mornings to blog- as that is what I enjoy doing. Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed my blog! I look forward to reading more from you. Best wishes!

  31. Cherry Patterson says:

    Hi Stephanie!
    Somehow I came came across your site searching the word yes man.. Your website is very nice and well laid out. I really liked the animal pictures.
    Will they ever do a movie “yesWoman”
    Thank you

  32. Josè Pascal says:

    Surfing the waves of the web I am pleasantly stranded in your interesting blog.
    I write under the pseudonym of Josè Pascal (a descendant of the great Colonel Aureliano Buendía).
    I invite you to visit my “italianglish” writing blog
    I define this blog “In parole Semplici” as a “virtuacultural tin” box where they are guarded thoughts, memories, images, sounds, and simple stories”.
    I dream an intercultural blog. Already involves more than 100 authors/friends.
    If you want to participate and to have more informations send me a letter to

    Good life and I hope to soon

  33. thepeacockdiary says:

    Great blog!!-funny!…although -I cannot agree with Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman only placing 9th on your list!!-but it was very entertaining.Look forward to your next post. 🙂

    • Simply Stephanie says:

      Hi Kristine. Thank you so much. I LOVE the photos on your blog. Do you live in Chili? If so, I’m jealous. The view from your office is amazing. Your Friday “Escape” picture is breathtaking!

      • Simply Stephanie says:

        Ok So scratch that! Your blog didn’t say Chile (which I thought maybe the cool kids spelled it Chili), it said “Chill!” Too funny! Regardless…the view from your office is still awesome! Where is your office?

  34. Becoming Bitter says:

    My cousins live in Chicago. Daydreamer huh? I like daydreamers. Let your imagination run wild. The best things in life are the simplest ones. By the way, nice picture.

  35. Anjana says:

    Hey Stephanie! Thanks for reading my blog! Yours is awesome as well! 🙂 I’ll be following you now. I’m new to the blog world, but I’m really loving it. Good to make connections 🙂

  36. Eugene says:

    Hi Stephanie
    Please advise where you can buy that red vine Don Luciano La Mancha, Syrah 2009. Produce of Spain.
    Thank you

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