Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show; Best Disney Experience Yet!

One of the items on my father’s bucket list was to see Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. With my brother in town, and my dad’s birthday a week away, I decided to make reservations for the family as his present this year.

Seeing as I live in the Orlando area currently and as children we vacationed to Disney almost yearly, I have been to a large number of Disney’s restaurants and character meals. Those were all super fun experiences done in the usual Disney grandeur style, but none even came remotely close to how absolutely magnificent the luau dinner was.

As with all things Disney, this event is appropriate and fun for the entire family. Dinner begins when you are seated, and the performances at this time are toned down to allow you time to eat and not miss anything. The menu has a Hawaiian flare to it, but is still mild enough where everyone will enjoy the flavors. The food, beer, wine and soft drinks are served as often as you would like and there is only an additional fee for specialty drinks.

The theater the luau is held at is an open structure, although covered, so dress appropriately. There are two tiers of seating for the ground level closest to the stage and the elevated level that is in the back of the theater. If you have small children, want to be a prime candidate for being selected to dance on stage, or would just like front row seating, pay the nominal additional fee for the seating closer to the stage. You will not be disappointed with the investment. For Matthew’s 18th birthday- he got to dance on stage with some chick in a bikini. Although he may have had a different idea about dancing with chicks in bikinis on stages, I think this came in a close second. You could tell by the ear-to-ear grin that never left his face. Priceless!

Also priceless is the dance where the children get to go on stage and do the luau. Sometimes the adults are so caught up in all the fun, they go up and join them (check out those big kids in the back row…).

Fear not though, Disney would not bring you to a dinner show and leave you with a bunch of kids (big ones included) dancing around awkwardly (although still entertaining). Once dessert is served, the lights dim and the traditional hula and fire dances begin. While Matthew and Dad enjoyed the following:

Stephanie somehow found herself mesmerized by a different portion of the show:

Did you notice a disproportionate amount of male to female pictures? My father did as well…hey, readers are subject to reviewer’s interpretation of the “highlights” of the event. If those highlights happen to be oil-slathered, ripped dudes, that is not my fault. (Dear Mr. Fire Dancer- if you are reading this… (555) 333- XOXO). Just kidding! (Or am I?)

All kidding aside, the luau was really perfect for all ages. It was a nice alternative to a character meal and a different option from other Central Florida dinner shows that are available. Although slightly expensive, Spirit of Aloha also creates some incredible memories for the entire ‘ohana (Hawaiian for “family”). I think mine will agree it is something we will remember for years to come.

Huli pau! (Cheers!)


14 thoughts on “Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show; Best Disney Experience Yet!

  1. Audra says:

    Loved this! I’ve been thinking about doing the luau for quite some time, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the expense. Thanks for the insight into this – as it really looks like a great time – and I’m sure Kevin will enjoy this AT LEAST 3/4 of the time!<3

  2. Rich Revord says:

    Great way to spend some time with the fam! Sounds like your brother had a blast as well….he has plenty of time to check out the other “stage with dancers” 😉

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